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Main Floor Covering is a full service flooring provider. We take every step to ensure your happiness and satisfaction. In addition to providing the most comprehensive offering of flooring products from many different manufacturers’, we also offer our expertise in many areas:

Interior design assistance

Our experienced staff is available to help customers choose and design their ideal design solution. Our sales associates are talented, experienced and eager to help customers every step of the way. Customers can be advised at their home or at our showroom. We are pleased to help manage your coordination of flooring, paint, counter tops, or anything else you may need help with to tie your home together. If you need a custom tile design, or want to create a one of a kind backsplash, we can certainly help. Contact one of our sales associates today to discuss your interior needs.

Scheduling / Project management

Your project is in good hands with Main Floor Coverings. We will schedule and coordinate all aspects of your installation. Our staff is highly skilled and experienced at mobilizing material, equipment, and manpower to meet your deadline while minimizing disruption to your life. Even if you are a DIY’er we are happy to help you with your project!


Flooring installation is a crucial aspect of interior design and home improvement projects. Especially carpet, not only does it add warmth and comfort to a space but it also enhances aesthetic appeal. Proper installation is essential to ensure that your carpet not only looks great but also lasts for years. Here are some key points to consider when it comes to carpet installation:

  1. Professional expertise: While DIY carpet installation is possible, it's often recommended to hire professional installers. Experienced installers have the knowledge and skills to handle various types of carpets, subfloor conditions, and room layouts. They can ensure that the carpet is installed correctly, minimizing the risk of wrinkles, bubbles, or uneven seams.
  2. Subfloor preparation: A crucial step in carpet installation is preparing the subfloor. The subfloor must be clean, smooth, and free of any debris or imperfections. Installers may need to use techniques like moisture testing and subfloor leveling to ensure a stable foundation for the carpet.
  3. Proper tools and materials: Professional carpet installers have access to specialized tools and adhesives required for a successful installation. These tools include knee kickers, carpet stretchers, seam irons, and various cutting instruments. Using the right materials and techniques is essential to achieve a seamless and long-lasting result.
  4. Measuring and cutting: Precise measurement and cutting are critical to ensuring that the carpet fits the room accurately. Carpet installers carefully measure the space and cut the carpet to size, making allowances for patterns and seams. This attention to detail helps create a seamless look and minimizes waste.
  5. Seam and edge finishing: Properly joining carpet seams and finishing the edges is crucial for a polished appearance. Professional installers use techniques like heat-seaming or glue-down methods to ensure that seams are virtually invisible. They also use binding or serging to finish the edges neatly.

Carpet installation is a specialized skill that involves various steps to achieve a beautiful and durable result. Hiring professional installers is often the best way to ensure that your carpet not only looks great but also performs well over time. Proper subfloor preparation, precise measuring and cutting, seam and edge finishing, and post-installation care are all essential aspects of a successful carpet installation project.

Not only do we have experience with installing carpet but also Installing hard surfaces, such as hardwood, luxury vinyl or laminate flooring. This is a meticulous process that requires precision and expertise. These surfaces offer a durable and stylish option for both residential and commercial spaces. The installation typically involves preparing the subfloor, ensuring it's level and free of imperfections, and then carefully laying down the hard surface material. The craftsmanship of experienced installers shines through in their ability to create seamless transitions between individual pieces, precise alignment, and immaculate finishing. Properly installed hard surfaces not only elevate the aesthetics of a room but also provide long-lasting functionality, making them a popular choice for those seeking both elegance and durability in their flooring solutions.

Flooring installation is a pivotal phase in any home improvement endeavor, as it plays a substantial role in defining the ambiance and longevity of a living space. When seeking out a flooring installation service, the experience and expertise of the installers are huge factors to consider. One remarkable feature that sets us apart is having installers with over 30 years of experience.

Installers with such extensive experience bring a wealth of knowledge and skill to every project. They have encountered a wide range of flooring materials, subfloor conditions, and room layouts, which enables them to tackle even the most challenging installations with confidence. Their seasoned expertise allows for precise measurements, accurate cuts, and impeccable attention to detail, resulting in long-lasting floors.

Installers who have dedicated this much time to their craft have an innate passion for their work and a deep commitment to customer satisfaction. Their dedication to excellence can translate into superior craftsmanship, ensuring that the flooring installation not only meets but exceeds your expectations. When considering flooring installation services, opting for a company that boasts installers with over 30 years of experience can provide peace of mind and assurance of a job exceptionally well done, enhancing the beauty and value of your home.

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We know how difficult it might be to decide the kind of money you want to spend on your home and what is best to fit your needs. Before making such a big decision, we want to make sure you are aware of all your options and that you are informed about what it will take to reach your design goal. We provide a full service estimate in your home and walk you through each process so that you can feel comfortable and aware of what goes into your project of any size!


Still unsure about taking that step and beginning your project? With our worry-free guarantee, you don’t have to stress any longer! We offer up to a 99 day guarantee on certain products, just ask us about it.

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